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The Top 3 Myths About Being An Expat Thespian

The Expat Thespian is unique.  An actor that lives and works in a foreign country to gain experience, train, and learn the craft.  Expat Thespians tend to think that they have no need for further education in the art & business of acting.  So today we will discuss 

The Top 3 Myths About Being An Expat Thespian 

We Don’t Have It Hard – People have told me that it’s because I’m an African American, and that Korea will always need foreigners, that my success has been inevitable.  However,  there is a big difference in having it easy and working hard so it looks easy.   Foreign actors wait for their agents to provide work; Expat Thespians create their own opportunities.  Foreign actors think their acting is good enough; Expat Thespians are always breaking barriers in their acting ability. Refer to A Day In The Life Of An Expat Thespian to get a taste of what’s needed to succeed. 

We Don’t Need Hollywood – Being an Expat Thespian was never about leaving Hollywood, at least, not for me.  It was about finding a new avenue, another angle to get to Hollywood.  Yes, China’s box office numbers are booming and have surpassed that of America, but Hollywood is noticing and making strides to ensure that Tinseltown revenue will always be secure.  With acting being so global being an expat thespian is an avenue for getting noticed on the international level. 

We Don’t Need Training – It doesn’t matter what country you’re in you’re going to hear these words from someone.  “Oh, you’re such a great actor, why are you here and not in America.”  “That scene you did was amazing, you don’t need training, and you’re already on your way.”  Thespians, I’ve heard it all, at least I think I have, and the truth is it doesn’t matter how true or false the compliments may be, we as professionals have to put in the time for our craft.  In truth, the only words you should hear when you receive compliments are “I need more training.”  This will always keep you humble.  

We should always be learning, working, striving so that when Hollywood comes calling we can deliver.  This is our yellow brick road so find your courage, your heart and your smarts.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you agree?  Please reply in the comments below with your thoughts.  

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Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an award winning actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. He began to flourish in 2010 gaining experience in film, television, and theater. He is known for Take Point (2018), Jojakdwen Doshi (2017), Haebangchon (2015) & Gamgi (2013).

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