“그와의 첫 만남의 인상은 부드럽고 온화했다. 짧은 시간과 열악한 환경 속에서도 작지만 자신의 역을 묵묵히 소화해준 것은 물론, 후반작업에서 타인의 목소리까지 연기해주었던 그에게 감사의 말을 전한다. 그가 한국문화를 이해하였기에 가능한 작업이었으리라 생각하지만 그보다 그가 연기자로서 가진 프로페셔널 근성과 열정이 있었기에 함께 한 작업 시간이 보람되고 행복했다고 생각이 든다. 다시 한번 제대로 된 영화로 그와의 만남을 꿈꿔본다. 칼리드, 앞으로 더욱더 당신의 빛나는 연기를 기대합니다.”
– 감독 김태

“Kahlid was amazing to work with, the crew were all impressed by his performance, and how easily he seemed to achieve it. He was able to seemingly pop in and out of character, while never losing the emotion that the part required.”
– Nate Strayer, Director of “Our Father”

OUR FATHER - Written & Directed by Nate Strayer

“Working with Kahild on-set was wonderful. He was always on-time, always ready to work, and had a ton of energy. He gave his character so much life, adding lots of subtle details to his performance while still taking direction well.”
– William Ruback, Director of “Coach”

COACH - Written & Directed by William Ruback

“Kahlid Tapia is an incredible actor. He is courageous and thoughtful in each performance that I have seen him in. He is MAGICAL.”
– Suzanne Harvin, Graduate of The Actor’s Studio MFA Program @ Pace University, New York

“Kahlid is one of the most passionate and diligent actors I have had the pleasure of working with. He is curious and committed and served as a creative inspiration for all he has collaborated with.”
– Amy Mihyang Ginther, Assistant Professor @ University of California, Santa Cruz, Department of Theater

“Kahlid Elijah Tapia has continued to flourish in South Korea. His dedication and success in film-making are a testament to his philosophy; blossom where you’re planted.”
– Groove Magazine

“His willingness and patience along with his creativity and ability to improvise, has made him a real on set asset.”
– Kevin Lambert, KIXFF Festival Director

“In my three years working with Kahlid Tapia, he consistently proved himself an actor of versatile talent and unwavering professionalism.”
– Lindsey Higgins, Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Seoul Shakespeare Company

“The epitome of professionalism blended with enthusiasm. He is always working on his craft and always getting better and better.”
– Edward Burgos, Enanoski Productions

“He is one of those actors who completely throws himself in to a role. He is committed to bringing to life characters that are authentic and raw.”
– Shannon Komai McClain-Robertson. Director @ HaPa Entertainment Studios

“He’s extremely easy to work with, offers great insight into his characters and delivers with high energy throughout long shooting days.”
– Sonny Sonbuchner, Giant Media

“Kahlid is a very dedicated professional who digs deep in his characters when taking on a role. I would recommend anyone who considers working with Kahlid to go forth without thinking. It will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”
– Aurélien Lainé, Producer and Director @ AJP Productions

“Kahlid Tapia ranks very high among the most dedicated and motivated actors that I have ever worked with. The meticulous method by which he creates and molds his characters is impressive to witness”
– Raymond Salcedo, Director, TITUS ANDRONICUS Seoul Shakespeare Company)

“He is a gifted actor, with incredible range. But not only that, he is an amazing talent. In essence, Kahlid is the type of actor you’d want to build a script around again and again.”
– Joon Kim, Bunker Entertainment

“Kahlid Elijah Tapia was the first actor I cast in my first short film. Needless to say, I worked with him again. And again. Kahlid is relevant. He also happens to be a very fine actor.”
– Raoul Dyssell, Founder & Director @ Roll The Dice Pictures

“Mr. Tapia is, without a doubt, an eager student with an unmatched drive for improvement. His flexibility in his approaches, and his capacity to explore multiple intentions are evident in the range of his work.”
– Anne Fleischer, InterAct Training Coach