"No Acting Experience" Resume For The Expat Thespian

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Starting out in acting can be a headache. You finally catch the acting bug and all of a sudden so much is thrown at you; head-shots, acting classes, agent or manager, etc. Then, to top it all off, you have to type up an acting resume, but you have a problem, you have no acting experience. Today’s post is about what to put on your resume when you have no acting experience. 

“No Acting Experience” Resume For The Expat Thespian 

Skills – No acting experience doesn’t mean “No Experience.” Let your resume shine with skills you’ve obtained from your past. Don’t list every job description you’ve ever had, but qualities you’ve obtained from those jobs. Did you use to be a concierge or a waiter? Then you know customer service and how to speak to people. Were you a mechanic or a bus driver? You have an understanding of deadlines and time management. Did you go jet skiing in the summers or play 8-Ball at your local bar? Then billiards and the handling of a personal watercraft can be something you offer. Take a look a look at your hobbies and personal interest; find the qualities that make you a great candidate for any production. 

Education – Any education adds to your acting experience. That Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, that Masters in Chemical Engineering, or a High School Diploma from No-wheres-ville, USA all adds to your experience as an actor. How? Because before you’re an actor, you’re a person and if I’ve learned anything about casting is that the casting director wants to see you in the role. There can be no character without you! 

Interesting Fact – Tell them something extremely unique about you. I love peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches! Does this sound like an unpleasant snack? Good, because you won’t forget that about me. You’re unique for more reasons than you can count. Tap into that essence and put it on your resume. It can be anything, from a weird birthmark, double jointed fingers, different colored eyes, ability to swallow your tongue…whatever. Find that thing about you that will make that casting director remember you.  Just list one thing, don’t go crazy, too much too soon can frighten people. 

Lastly, the internet is full of resumes that you can get ideas from.  Use the search term “no experience actor resume” and find one that can help you look amazing on paper… Expat Thespian! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on things you can add to your resume. Do you agree? Please reply in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an award winning actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. He began to flourish in 2010 gaining experience in film, television, and theater. He is known for Take Point (2018), Jojakdwen Doshi (2017), Haebangchon (2015) & Gamgi (2013).

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