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How To Generate Auditions As An Expat Thespian

In this post I’m very excited to respond to some dedicated readers. They’re like me, expat actors, living abroad and curious about a common issue—AUDITIONS! How can we as expat actors get more of them? Today’s post will focus on 

How To Generate Auditions As An Expat Thespian 

Monthly Updates – I send a monthly email to all my contacts. This email always contains monthly film work, contact information, website, resume and head-shot. Refer to the post 30 Second Emails & 30 Seconds in Action For The Expat Thespian.  You want to get savvier on email marketing I recommend and

If your work is slim that month then follow this pattern; “Greetings, I’m a working actor in (country).  When your need arises for a foreigner please feel free to contact me.  I’ve attached my head-shot and resume for your convenience.”  

Develop Contacts – You can’t be a working expat actor and not be willing to network.  You have to be meeting people at industry events, film festivals, and when you’re on set. I recommend you subscribe here and get your Free GUIDE TO OVERSEAS SUCCESS. (It’s a 15 page PDF on strategies you can take to succeed overseas) I speak specifically about finding acting groups in your country. This will also help you in finding other industry professionals to link up with. Additionally, review my post on Film Festival Strategies.

Scroll Stalker – What this means is scroll the industry websites that advertise for film and television work. Here in Korea, two of the main ones are Craigslist and  Send your information to recent post then keep scrolling and send information to agents that posted months ago. Yes, the job may be filled but the agent could still want actor profiles.  Let them know when and where you saw their post and about being a working actor in their country.  I did this when I first started. It took a while, but it helped. Be careful not to double up. 

Essential Utensils – Review The Essential Utensils post as a starting point. However, there are two aspects I want to focus on.  First, create a website. We can’t survive as expat actors without one.  I’ve gotten at least 3 auditions because of my website alone.  Secondly, get an IMDb page. Directors, producers, casting agents—–no one in the business will take you seriously until you start taking yourself seriously and IMDb is the start. 

Make Conflicts Shine – Scheduling conflicts can be disappointing but remember they’re an opportunity to shine. When agents call, but you have a conflict and they ask why, let them know you’re working on a project.  Do your best to never give an excuse about having another job that doesn’t pertain to your craft. It strengthens your credibility because every job you do is a stepping stone for your acting career. 

These are strategies I use to generate auditions for myself as an expat thespian. You have to put in the work and make the opportunity come to you.  See you in the audition room Expat Thespian! 

I hope you enjoyed this post on generating auditions. Do you agree? Please reply in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an award winning actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. He began to flourish in 2010 gaining experience in film, television, and theater. He is known for Take Point (2018), Jojakdwen Doshi (2017), Haebangchon (2015) & Gamgi (2013).

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