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Effective Self-Study For The Expat Thespian

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I don’t consider myself to be an avid reader. I’ve read good books, usually on acting, that have assisted me in my pursuit of this thespian cause, but reading is still a place I can work on. Nonetheless, being an expat actor means learning effective self-study and that can be tricky if you don’t take inventory on your study methods. Today I would like to touch on things I’ve learned. This post is 

Effective Self-Study For The Expat Thespian 

Choose Practice Books – There are so many books on acting it’s ridiculous. Every author is going to present their work in a different way and no matter what that way is, one thing is for certain, don’t spend too much time on a book unless it provides you with specific practice methods. I’m talking about self-study here, so the text should provide ways of script breakdown, character development, and even connecting the body to the voice/breath. If you’re unsure of the text, read the reviews, ask a friend, or take a look inside. Trust me; your craft will thank you. 

Use A Writing Utensil – This one seems obvious, but believe me, to many actors don’t do it. Imagine with me a scenario where you read an amazing book and you never wrote anything in it. You never underlined a word or wrote a personalized note in the corner. Then imagine that you have a script/character that’s giving you difficulty and you remember a portion of the book that can help you, but when you open the pages, you don’t know where to go and you have no notes. Effective self-study means being able to go back and find what you’re looking for. 

Choose Authors That Workshop – This one is my favorite. Nothing and I mean nothing says that an author believes in their work more than one that’s willing to workshop. It’s great to read a book, but even better to see the author seminar their technique in person. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a child of The 12 Step Chubbuck Technique. However, there are other authors that I recommend such as The Intent To Live by Larry Moss and Book The F#@KING Job by Anthony Meindl. 

Remember, Expat Thespian, you’re the expat actors of the world. You represent a craft that is ever growing and evolving.  You should be doing the same. 

I hope you enjoyed my post on self-study. Do you agree? Please reply in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an award winning actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. He began to flourish in 2010 gaining experience in film, television, and theater. He is known for Take Point (2018), Jojakdwen Doshi (2017), Haebangchon (2015) & Gamgi (2013).

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