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Effective Memorization For An Overseas Actor

People have asked how to memorize lines well, especially lines in a different language.  With this in mind I’d like to share a few of my personal tips. Today’s post?

Effective Memorization For An Overseas Actor

Exercise The Lines – No I don’t mean practice them over and over at a desk. I literally mean “exercise your lines” as in practice your lines while you workout. Whatever type of workout you do, when you practice lines, during that intensity the words get into your body not just your mind.  This becomes extremely helpful especially while memorizing lines of Shakespeare or of a different language.  So don’t just sweat, sweat & memorize!

Know Partner’s Cue Words – Acting is re-acting, so be sure to learn your scene partner’s lines but most importantly learn the “cue words”. Cue words are the words that are connected to the beats of the scene. When you read your partner’s lines find those words that will help “cue you in” to your appropriate reaction.  Hint:
The cue words are not always at the end of your partner’s lines. 

Write The Lines – The lines you’re memorizing are not always your native tongue. So putting pen to paper assists you to see where the writer has put punctuation, pauses, slang, beats etc.  Writing also helps you slow down, to take note of what you & your partner are saying, and most importantly, it gets you to write the language especially when it’s in a different alphabet.  An added bonus is that this activity gets you to break down the script!

Memorization ability takes time just like building any other muscle.  So don’t beat yourself up if you have to repeat these steps a few times…Overseas Actor!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for overseas actors. Please reply in the comments below with your thoughts on this post or inquiries on acting in a foreign country. 

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Kahlid Tapia

Kahlid Elijah Tapia is an award winning actor who built his film career in Seoul, South Korea. He began to flourish in 2010 gaining experience in film, television, and theater. He is known for Take Point (2018), Jojakdwen Doshi (2017), Haebangchon (2015) & Gamgi (2013).

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