My Story

I’m Kahlid Elijah Tapia and as an actor I’m great at blossoming where I’m planted. With supporting roles in Korean blockbusters such as Seu-pa-i (2013)Gamgi (2013), & Jojak Dwen Doshi (2017), all of which hit #1 in the Korean box office…it’s evident that I don’t do things the traditional way. 

I enjoy being the odd-man out.  The person that goes left while all the world goes right.  The tradition breaker, the risk-taker, the guy that never has a problem standing alone. I relish telling the story of the underdog that wins because I’m the bohemian that did. Don’t misunderstand me, I can “do” normal.  You can find me at my local Regal Cinema enjoying my unlimited access, at the gym pounding out 8 to 10 rounds of boxing, or the library binge reading a book. 

But think of it, I have an Arabic first name, Hebrew middle name and Spanish last name. Being “that guy” was just inevitable. And there’s just no fun in normal! 🙂  So, I did the unconventional, went to South Korea and beat the odds.  With a variety of roles in film and theater under my belt, ranging from a C.I.A. Operative to a Bi-sexual Receptionist; from Henry Brown in RACE  to Aaron, The Moor in TITUS ANDRONICUS. As an African-American actor, type casting was never an issue because the entertainment world of Korea saw fit to diversely utilize my talent. 

Life in Korea wasn’t without it’s challenges. Training, for instance, was one area that was obstacle-filled but became so fulfilling. I found the beauty in “traveling to train.” I enjoyed the advantages of having neighboring countries with strong acting studios. Observed two Ivana Chubbuck workshops in the Philippines & Japan and participated in a workshop with RADA alumna Tordy Clark, in Tokyo. 

Now located in Orlando, FL I’m happy to be stateside and thankful for my memories in the ROK. I’m living life proactive in my career and ready to show the American film & television industry how a foundation as an expat thespian is the new working class.  

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