My Story

I’m Kahlid Elijah Tapia and as an actor I’m great at blossoming where I’m planted. 

My film-garden-repertoire bloomed overseas with Korean blockbusters such as Seu-pa-i (2013)Gamgi (2013), & Jojak Dwen Doshi (2017). All of which hit #1 in the Korean box office. 

With a variety of roles in film and theater under my belt, ranging from a C.I.A. Operative to a Flamboyant Bi-sexual Receptionist; from Henry Brown in David Mamet’s RACE - Aaron, The Moor in TITUS ANDRONICUS.  As an African-American actor, type casting was never an issue because the Korean film industry, Seoul Shakespeare Company & Seoul Players saw fit to diversely utilize my capacity for the craft. 

I did, however, have to overcome other challenges. The triumph of training, for instance, became so fulfilling. I found the beauty in “traveling to train!”  I observed two Ivana Chubbuck workshops in the Philippines & Japan and participated in a workshop with RADA alumna Tordy Clark, in Tokyo.  I also received private coaching with Amy Ginther of Vocal Context Inc.  This is just a taste, my extended list of training proves my dedication to the craft. 

With a smorgasbord of experiences on Korean sets, three rise to the comedic surface. I’ve sat on a bus with no heater, in the freezing cold for 6 hours, waiting to do a television scene, sat in a green room, for 20 hours, to only be used for an hour & a half, and had a blood pack explode directly over my left nipple. (They said it would only hurt a little…it hurt a lot) :)  

Now located in Orlando, Fl I'm happy for the memories of being an actor overseas; it was an adventure.  I've learned to be proactive in my career and I'm ready to show the American film & television industry how a foundation as an expat thespian is the new working class.

Why Cast Me? Here's What You Receive:

  • Proven Divergent Thinker By Building A Film Career Foundation In An Overseas Film Industry
  • Strong Social Media Know-How
  • Ongoing Physical Conditioning via Boxing & Muay Thai
  • Ongoing Actor Training Classes & Workshops in Method, Meisner & Chubbuck Technique, Tactical Firearms & Hand-to-Hand Combat For Camera. 
  • Can Read, Write & Speak Korean @ Minor Proficiency & Continously Learning Via Online Classes 

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