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  • October 2015

    Cast as "Othello" in Seoul Shakespeare Company's December Performance of

    LOVE & DESPAIR: Scene from Shakespeare.

    Filming with Director Park Gwang Hyun on Korean Feature 조작된도시

    "Manipulated City"

  • Groove Korea

  • HanCinema's Interview

    10 Questions for Actor Kahlid Elijah Tapia

    HanCinema recently met up with actor Kahlid Elijah Tapia to find out about his experience working in South Korea's television and film industry.

    You came to South Korea back in 2009 to teach English. What was it about the country and culture that inspired you to explore its film and television industry?

    This is a funny one actually because it wasn't the country or the culture. I was living in Florida taking acting classes before I came to Korea and I actually was just wanting to live in this country for one year and go home. A fellow actress and now close friend recommended that I put my headshot and resume on Craigslist. I thought to myself, "For what?" "This is Korea, I can't get anything done here". But I did it and 28 credits on IMDb later, I'm still here. What I learned after posting my information is that I can be an actor anywhere. Especially in this internet driven age. Go to the article >

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